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Shirley Y Eubanks
Position: Admissions Technician
E-mail: ShirleyEubanks@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Jennifer Melissa Murray
Position: Asst. Director of Admissions
E-mail: jennifermurray@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Travis Sentell Reynolds
Position: Admissions Representative III
E-mail: travisreynolds@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Callie W Tilton
Position: Admissions Specialist
E-mail: CallieTilton@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Adult Basic & Secondary Adm

Edward K Jordan
Position: Assoc. VP for Academic Affairs
E-mail: EdwardJordan@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Sunshine Lashawn Karunda Nealy
Position: Adult Education Prog Spec
E-mail: sunshinenealy@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Lillian Elder Schmitt
Position: Adult and Sec Ed Prog Spec
E-mail: LillianSchmitt@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Adult Basic Education

Kathleen D Brogden
Position: ABE/GED Lab Sub
E-mail: KathleenBrogden@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Melissa Lee Clark
Position: ABE/GED Lab Sub
E-mail: melissaclark@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Mary K Connor
Position: ABE/GED Lab Sub
E-mail: MaryConnor@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Jean P Deschenes
Position: ABE/GED Lab Sub
E-mail: JPDeschenes@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Glenda Lee Hayden
Position: ABE/GED Lab Sub
E-mail: glendahayden@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Jane K-Elliott Iskat
Position: ABE/GED Lab Sub
E-mail: JaneIskat@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Richard V Jones Jr
Position: Adult Ed Instructor
E-mail: RichardJones@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Detrick Troy Lockhart (Troy)
Position: Faculty 9 Mo Bachelors
E-mail: troylockhart@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Marcia J Redding Sanders
Position: Instructor-Adult Ed-PA
E-mail: MarciaSanders@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Analytical Studies-Grants

Ellen E Burns
Position: Dir Research, Inst Eff, Grants
E-mail: EllenBurns@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Artist Series Performance

Keith T Ainley
Position: PT THC Stage Hand
E-mail: keithainley@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Ciera Lashay Berryhill
Position: PT Box Office Ticket Agent
E-mail: cieraberryhill@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Sarah Blanc
Position: House Manager
E-mail: sarahblanc@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Stephen Michael Coyne
Position: Traffic Controller

Steven L Dugger
Position: Traffic Controller

Gary L Ehrenfeld
Position: Traffic Controller

Jacob C Hansell
Position: Traffic Controller

Joshua L Hansell
Position: Traffic Controller
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