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Physical Plant/Maintenance - Gen

Bennie Daniel Baggs
Position: Asst Groundskeeper
E-mail: benniebaggs@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Brett A Boynton
Position: Maintenance III-PA
E-mail: BrettBoynton@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Michael W Canaday
Position: Facilities Director
E-mail: MikeCanaday@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Travis Duwane Crumpton
Position: Maintenance II-PA
E-mail: traviscrumpton@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Sean Allen Griffith
Position: Maintenance III-OP
E-mail: seangriffith@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Eric Lee Mellies
Position: Electrician III
E-mail: EricMellies@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Timothy L Mouse
Position: Maintenance III - SA
E-mail: timmouse@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Bruce D Nelsen
Position: PT Building Code Administrator
E-mail: BruceNelsen@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Gregory F Odom
Position: Maintenance Supervisor-PA
E-mail: GregOdom@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Sorya Ou
Position: Maintenance Supervisor-OP
E-mail: SoryaOu@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Bertha L Passmore
Position: Administrative Assistant I-Fac
E-mail: BerthaPassmore@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Thomas C Reynolds
Position: Facilities Coordinator-OPC
E-mail: TomReynolds@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Glen A Roberts
Position: Assistant Facilities Director
E-mail: GlenRoberts@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Mario A Rosario
Position: Maintenance Supervisor
E-mail: MarioRosario@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Samuel Antonio Da Silveira
Position: Maintenance I-SA
E-mail: SamuelSilveira@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Kenneth C Stuck Jr
Position: Environmental Safety Sys Coord
E-mail: KenStuck@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Robert L Weaver Jr
Position: Groundkeeper
E-mail: LeeWeaver@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Physical Science

F Nell Freeman (Nell)
Position: Inst-Physical Science-Mast-SA
E-mail: NellFreeman@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Jayanta Kumar Ghosh
Position: 30310 CHM 1020 OPC
E-mail: JayantaGhosh@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Ransom J Hicks II
Position: Instructor-Physical Sci-OPC
E-mail: RansomHicks@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Longin T Kaczmarsky
Position: Instructor-Physical Science-PA
E-mail: LonginKaczmarsky@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Jill Michelle Leggett
Position: Instr-Physical Science-Mast-PA
E-mail: JillLeggett@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

John W Parsons
Position: Instructor-Physical Sci-PA
E-mail: JohnParsons@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

David Zale Red
Position: Inst-Physical Science-Mast-SA
E-mail: davidred@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Lisa Reimer Arnold Schaefer
Position: Instructor-Phy Sci-SAC
E-mail: LisaSchaefer@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)
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