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Senior VP/ Exec Dir Palatka

Susan A Geoghagan
Position: Adm Asst to the Senior VP
E-mail: SusanGeoghagan@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Melissa C Miller
Position: Senior VP/GC, Exec Dir PA
E-mail: MelissaMiller@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Social Science

Russell Berger
Position: 11149-DEP 2004
E-mail: RussellBerger@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Mark Allan Biernat
Position: 10456-ECO 2013
E-mail: markbiernat@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Julie Blanco-Davila
Position: Instructor-Social Science-PA
E-mail: Julieblanco-davila@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Matthew M Giddings
Position: 11429-AMH 2020
E-mail: MatthewGiddings@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Eric G Giles
Position: 10485-ANT 2000
E-mail: ericgiles@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Karen Marie Glover
Position: Adjunct-Soc Sci-Dual-SA
E-mail: KarenGlover@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

James Patrick Gordon
Position: 11395-POS 1041
E-mail: JamesGordon@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

James Edward Griffith
Position: 10942-DEP 2004
E-mail: JamesGriffith@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Kenneth M Jones
Position: Adjunct-Soc Sci-Dual-SA
E-mail: KennethJones@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Christopher J Killmer
Position: Instructor - Social Sci - PA
E-mail: ChristopherKillmer@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Dustin Wescott Latta
Position: Instructor-Social Science-SA
E-mail: DustinLatta@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Mark I Little
Position: Instructor-Social Science-SA
E-mail: MarkLittle@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Paul N Maass
Position: Adjunct-Soc Sci-Dual-SA
E-mail: PaulMaass@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

James Maggio
Position: Instructor-Social Science-OPC
E-mail: JamesMaggio@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Daniel Sterling Merilatt
Position: 10533-ECO 1931
E-mail: DanielMerilatt@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Kristi Leigh Nash Baldwin
Position: Adjunct-Soc Sci-Dual-OP
E-mail: KristiBaldwin@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Thomas H Platt
Position: 10538-POS 1041
E-mail: ThomasPlatt@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Gregory Paul Shealy Jr
Position: Instructor-Social Science-OP
E-mail: GregoryShealy@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Curt Shepherd
Position: Instructor - Social Science OP
E-mail: CurtShepherd@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Leonard Amos Steverson
Position: 10547-SYG 1430
E-mail: LeonardSteverson@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Carla Tierney
Position: 11186-SYG 1000
E-mail: carlatierney@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Danielle Gayle Weinstein Heric
Position: Adjunct-Soc Sci-Dual-SA
E-mail: DanielleWeinsteinHeric@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Sr Academic Officer-Credit

Melanie A Brown
Position: VP Acad Affrs/CAO, Exec Dir SA
E-mail: MelanieBrown@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)
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