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Logan Samuel Farr III
Position, Department: Senior IT Support Technician, Information Technology
E-mail: loganfarr@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Alicia Faulk
Position, Department: Part-time Library Clerk-OP, Library
E-mail: aliciafaulk@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Nefitiri Torrance Fellows
Position, Department: 9 Mo ASL Instructor, Communications
E-mail: nefitirifellows@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Tameika Lashaun Felton
Position, Department: Federal Student Loan Coord., Financial Aid Office
E-mail: TameikaFelton@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Laura Fezie
Position, Department: Publications Specialist, Community/Public Relations
E-mail: laurafezie@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Renee A Fiore
Position, Department: Student Support Representative, Campus Admin-St Augustine
E-mail: ReneeFiore@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Brittnee Angel Fisher
Position, Department: Public Service Librarian PAC, Library
E-mail: BrittneeFisher@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Joseph Taylor Fitzpatrick
Position, Department: 30174-EMS 2659, Health Occupation PSV-Allied Health
E-mail: taylorfitzpatrick@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Thomas Joseph Flanagan
Position, Department: Instructor-Mathematics-OP, Mathematics
E-mail: ThomasFlanagan@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Martin Flynn
Position, Department: Part-time Security, Police & Campus Security Service
E-mail: martinflynn@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Mathew Wayne Ford
Position, Department: System Administrator, Information Technology
E-mail: mattford@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Earl David Ford Jr
Position, Department: 30254-MAT 0056, College Preparatory-UL
E-mail: davidford@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Bruce Kenneth Fox
Position, Department: Spanish Instructor 9 Months, Foreign Languages
E-mail: BruceFox@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

F Nell Freeman (Nell)
Position, Department: Inst-Physical Science-Mast-SA, Physical Science
E-mail: NellFreeman@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Randa French
Position, Department: 30489-NUR 2460C, Health Occupations PSV
E-mail: randafrench@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Cristy Lee Furr
Position, Department: Instructor-Interdisc-PA, Interdisciplinary
E-mail: CristyFurr@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)
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