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Heather Lea Tarno
Position, Department: 30424-NUR 1212C, Health Occupations PSV
E-mail: heathertarno@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Joylene Taylor
Position, Department: Workforce Assistant, Sr Academic Officer-Workforce Educ
E-mail: JoyleneTaylor@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Judith Gail Taylor
Position, Department: PT Librarian-SA, Library
E-mail: JudyWebb@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Sarah Ann Taylor
Position, Department: Traffic Controller, Artist Series Performance

Sarah Garrett Taylor
Position, Department: Academic Support Coordinator, Mathematics
E-mail: sarahtaylor@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Donna Jane Terry
Position, Department: Instructor-Letters-OP, Letters
E-mail: DonnaTerry@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Gerald Alan Teske
Position, Department: Audio-Visual Specialist, Men's Baseball
E-mail: geraldteske@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

John Raymond Theobold
Position, Department: PT Asst Athletic Dir, Athletic Director
E-mail: JohnTheobold@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Edward Arthur Thogode
Position, Department: Part-time Library Clerk-OP, Library
E-mail: EdwardThogode@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Claude Stephen Thomas
Position, Department: System Administrator, Information Technology
E-mail: StephenThomas@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Erin Marie Thomas
Position, Department: Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources
E-mail: ErinThomas@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Pamela Jean Thomas
Position, Department: PT Box Office Customer Svc Rep, Artist Series Performance
E-mail: pamelathomas@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Sarah Elizabeth Thomas
Position, Department: Bookstore Assistant, Bookstore-Palatka
E-mail: sarahthomas@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Steshawna A Thomas
Position, Department: PTAsst/THCA/Zibrel, Artist Series Performance
E-mail: steshawnathomas@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Taylor Nicole Thomas
Position, Department: Part-time Library Clerk-PA, Library
E-mail: taylorthomas@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Terry Lynne Thomas
Position, Department: Instructor-Business-PSV-OP, Business PSV - Business Education
E-mail: TerryThomas@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Brad Thompson
Position, Department: 30469 CGS 1100 SAC, Business PSV - Computer Education
E-mail: bradthompson@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Laura Stachelczyk Thompson
Position, Department: Part-time Library Clerk-OP, Library
E-mail: laurathompson@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Callie W Tilton
Position, Department: Admissions Technician, Registration & Records
E-mail: CallieTilton@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Caroline D Tingle
Position, Department: VP for Development/External Af, V. P. for Development
E-mail: CarolineTingle@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Rhonda Nus Tinnin
Position, Department: 30206-MUS 1010, Fine and Applied Arts
E-mail: RhondaTinnin@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Shivani Tomasovitch
Position, Department: CWR526A30586-87MSmth/YogaSAC, Business SV
E-mail: shivanitomasovitch@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Stephen Wade Tomasovitch
Position, Department: Student Activity Coord- SA, Student Activities-St. Augustine
E-mail: StephenTomasovitch@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Christi Hunt Tucker
Position, Department: 30431-NUR 2251C, Health Occupations PSV
E-mail: christitucker@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)

Theresa Estelle Tucker-Mellies
Position, Department: Registration Clerk III, Registration & Records
E-mail: theresatucker-mellies@sjrstate.edu (Preferred)
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