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Admissions Login - New User


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Please create a Login ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN), so you may login and complete your application.
Your Login ID can be up to 9 characters consisting of letters and numbers only.

Please don’t use any special characters such as #, @, &, $, / etc. as use of them could delay your application being processed.
Your PIN must be six numbers between 0 and 9.

Please record your Login and PIN for future reference. You will need this information if you wish to return to the application or if you are timed out while completing the application. After you have recorded this information, click Login.

Note: If you forget your Login and PIN, you must create a new application complete with a new Login and PIN. To prevent corruption of your application information, do not allow anyone else to use your Login and PIN.

Your Login ID and PIN will be saved for future use.

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